Why Retrieving Freedom?

Retrieving Freedom has established a multi-faceted training and development program that not only delivers best in breed service dogs for veterans and other people in need, but also seeks to enrich the lives of our recipients, donors and those in the communities in which we live and serve.


Our goal at Retrieving Freedom will be to place and match completely trained dogs with a level of commitment to the recipients that is second to none! As much as our desire is to produce top-notch service dogs, it is just as much to be a part of their new connection with the people who need them.


RFI’s operation plans are laid out in a fashion that allows our dogs and donations to be used to their maximum potential, so the recipient of the dog will receive the best possible match for their ailment. Puppies are purchased with superior genetics and physical condition for trainability. This is the first step in being able to efficiently produce quality service dogs, since valuable training time is not wasted on dogs with inadequate abilities or physical problems. All of this allows a greater value to each dollar contributed.

Troubled Teenagers

RFI introduces troubled teens to our dog training program. A two semester is taught for these students, allowing them to work directly with the dogs that have advanced into formal training. These kids are lacking the skill sets necessary to learn and get along well with others, and more specifically lack of patience and the ability to stay focused. Allowing them to direct their attention to training a dog for a greater purpose has shown to advance them in their social and learning skills. Along with this benefit to the students, the dogs experience many new personalities and situations that will prepare them for their job ahead.

Local Communities

Therapy visits with volunteers and trainers using RFI’s training dogs in hospitals, schools, and local groups to comfort people in need and promote public awareness.