The RFI Team

RFI Leadership

Scott_Dewey Scott Dewey, Co-President (Iowa)

As the owner and operator of Rock River Retrievers, a field trial training kennel that produced dozens of champion dogs, Scott made a decision to turn his talents toward the service industry by training dogs with special purposes for returning disabled veterans and autistic children. Having climbed his way to the top of the ranks among field trial trainers, Scott will use his talents in what he considers a higher calling; the breeding, selection, and training of first-class assistance dogs.


Charles_DwyerCharles Dwyer, Co-President (Mississippi)

Charles is the previous owner of Rice Break Retrievers, a hunt test and obedience kennel that has risen to the top of the hunt test game. As an amateur competitor, Charles has titled dogs in the highest levels in AKC and UKC hunt test programs. In January of 2011, Charles met several organizations that provide service dogs for disabled veterans, and with his keen interest in autism and more specific children with autism, realized that his calling was not to produce dogs for competition, but dogs that can be trained to make a difference in people’s lives.



RFI Board of Directors

Chris Harshbarger, Board Chair

Tara Dewey

Belinda Dwyer

Jimmie Neil

Dave Rorem

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